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Just a Few of Our Success Stories


NEW FOCUS "Simply Better."  TMS created the "Simply Better" catch-phrase for New Focus which they have continued to use through two acquisitions and which has been one of the most widely recognized brand phrases in the photonics industry in the last 20 years. 

Expanding Applications

RADIANT IMAGING.  This company began as a supplier of esoteric radiometers and related equipment for light source testing and characterization.  With the help of TMS, Radiant Imaging grew to be the leading supplier of test equipment for the R&D, QC and on-line segments of the flat panel display industry.  This resulted in a successful acquisition. 

Sales Growth

Expanding Market Share

PICARRO.  In just over 1 year from engaging TMS this manufacturer of trace gas analyzers experienced nearly 350% sales growth.  In a more typical example, a leading laser supplier experienced 100% growth over a 3 year period. 

ALPINE RESEARCH OPTICS.  Over several years with TMS, ARO grew from a small little-known coating house to be one of the leading brands in high-damage threshold ultraviolet optics.  In the mature field of optical components with increasing low-cost off-shore sourcing, this Boulder, CO manufacturer experienced 8 years of consecutive growth, much of it taken from larger, older suppliers, culminating in successful acquisition and exit for the principal stakeholders. 

Product Launching

COHERENT DIAMOND CO2 LASERS.   TMS used an array of PR tools and placements to launch these innovative sealed industrial lasers into a variety of end user and OEM applications, without heavy use of conventional advertising.  Company management acknowledged this cost-effective program as their most successful product launch up to that time. 

Industry Awards

TMS.  TMS has won all the relevant technology, product and innovation awards for our clients  -  with a > 90% success rate.  Examples:  Wall Street Journal Innovation (Picarro), R&D 100 (numerous clients), Laser Focus PhAST (numerous clients), Photonics Spectra/SPIE Prism (numerous clients).  In every case TMS created the often-extensive write-ups necessary with minimal client input time. 

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