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The Cost Advantage of Using TMS?


A better program for a lower cost...

TMS delivers results oriented marketing for less than the cost of other agencies, or even the cost of creating and implementing a program internally. 

The photonics industry is full of engineers and scientists with superb technical knowledge of products and their applications.  There are also numerous agencies and marketing professionals who understand how to exploit traditional and web-based tools in an integrated marketing/PR program.  But TMS is the only group of professionals that combines excellence in both these areas. 

This advantage enables TMS to do a better job of both marketing strategy and implementation - creating, editing and disseminating effective content that sells your product.  Plus, we create this content with minimal client handholding.  Because we are former scientists and photonic engineers, you won’t waste time explaining technical concepts that are difficult or impossible for typical agencies and their generalist ghost writers to grasp.  This means the internal costs and hurdles for working with TMS are much lower than with any other group.  It also minimizes opportunity costs, because we can get material out quickly so that it is selling for you sooner.

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