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​The TMS Management Team...

TMS was founded in 1990 by industry veterans David Kuntz and Marcus Noble, Ph.D.

Marcus Noble, Ph.D

Before founding TMS, Dr. Marcus Noble was an experienced user of lasers, optics, spectrometers and related photonics technologies, and a seasoned industry professional responsible for developing novel photonic products.  He began his career as a widely published academic spectroscopist and photochemist before becoming Technical Director at a leading photonic component supplier - Melles Griot - where he oversaw all aspects of business development, product development, company literature, and product launching.  


David Kuntz

David Kuntz is a former optical engineer who came out of the graduate program in quantum electronics at UCLA.  He holds two patents in the area of video disc technology.  He created the first Applications Support team at photonic component supplier Melles Griot, and eventually directed all sales and marketing efforts at this company, including production of several editions of the industry-standard "Optics Guide."

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